Dear Plugin Boutique:

The following is an FYI to Plugin Boutique.

I left an excellent review for this company and I certainly do not want to change it or much less, reverse it.

Plugin Boutique is based in the UK. Understood. Yet, you have tons of producers purchasing your product who live overseas and are usually 5, 6, 7 and maybe even 8 hours behind your time zone.

This means if a producer runs into any issues with any of your products in the evening, it is more likely that this producer may have to wait until the next day or even 2 days later before someone can respond to help them with their particular issue.

This of course is bad for business.

The ideal scenario is to at least hire the right amount of staff to be available on alert on off hours using the email system. This way there is no downtime for the producer in question experiencing issues overseas.

If this solution cannot be used, then at least, there should be a disclaimer right before a client purchase that states that the company (Plugin Boutique) is based in the UK and only functions during business hours which may result in downtime for clients who live overseas who might need immediate help.

This way, the client sees that the company (Plugin Boutique) is cognizant of the fact that selling products overseas can pose a problem when clients need help right away when they run into any kind of issue.

The client purchasing any product from Plugin Boutique (online) as a result will go through with their purchase understanding that if problems arise during the evening hours (the buyer’s time), then they will have to wait until the next day for help.

I hope this system is incorporated because, I myself made a purchase today at around 12:00 midday, yet had to spend all afternoon into the evening - until 7:00pm (7 hours) trying to solve this issue I ran into with Scaler 2 and that dark looming monster in Beatport Access.

From what I understand, the latest version of the Scaler 2 plugin from Plugin Boutique (2.8.2) has embedded in it Beatport Access and Beatport Access is just not functioning the way it should with its 3rd party plugins.

In my opinion, Beatport Access is a speed bump and should not even exist.

It is unfortunate that this resource can cause Plugin Boutique’s business to continue to be affected in a negative way.

A different solution has to be reached for those clients who choose to pay as they go.

Enough said.


Not being the PB forum, I don’t get the point of mourning here…
Write to PB instead

BTW, the only devs that help me within a few hours, even during the XMas holiday, are those of a 700 EUR software I use at work, and I also pay about 200 EUR for their Pro support each year, so I doubt that makers of a one-off 100 USD (or less) software can manage a 24-24 support

You are asking for the moon, IMHO

If I remember well, Beatport is not mandatory at all (I don’t even know what it is and I use Scaler each day since years), and I think there are many posts in the forum that explains that

For example:

Dear Claudio:

My apologies if stupid me does not know the details of what is actually going on here but 59 dollars (which is what I paid for the bundle) is a lot of money for me and to waste 7 hours troubleshooting and doing everything under the sun technically to see if I would have reached a solution and go nowhere with this has been pretty frustrating for me to say the least.

It is not because I don’t believe in the product because I do and it’s creator Davide Carbone, but knowing that the product is such an excellent product and NOT being able to use it (thanks to Beatport Access) and negligence on someone else’s part hurts.

If I had a lot of money, it probably would not bother me at all and I would go on to buy Captain Plugins Epic 7, but I don’t which is why I chose Scaler 2 over CPE7.

Thank you nonetheless for enlightening me.

Don’t worry pal
I don’t have much money either, so I understand
I use that expensive tool in my work because it is mandatory, but I think it is logical that a cheap tool cannot have a 24-24 hour support: it could be economically unbearable

most support if the plugin manufacturer is not a big one (e.g. Waves can hire people to provide excellent support because they have many millions of users paying into it via support plans, new purchases, and recently subscriptions), whereas smaller ones which may have 1, 2, 5 developers, and a few hundred thousand people using their product(s) worldwide, support for the myriad of possible configurations (and if the organization is fairly new, say under 5 years in operation) then support will mostly depend on friendly folks who may a) be willing to assist; b) have experienced a similar issue; c) want to guide you with steps to solve it yourself – probably via a good forum (such as this one).

as a general rule, most software should install like any other software assuming you don’t have weird disk / folder / OS configurations. if you have a highly customized environment, running all kinds of programs like discord and whatever the “beat” thing is, and you don’t have admin access or use admin access to install things, have permissions set on folders which are not available to you in user mode, etc – these should be investigated first.

then if all is perfect, then check in with the support team. or forum, or any friends (or even best enemies may be helpful :slight_smile: ) using it.

last thing i would depend on is “instant” (or even a couple of hours) support (except from large plugin mfg like Waves). if i sent an email requesting support (or left a chat bot message, or a phone call), i would go on about my business until i get a response, and no response in 48 hours, i’d repeat the calls and messaging. if after say 2 weeks (and i won’t mention SoundToys) nothing was happening, i’d write off the purchase and move on. because stress kills.