Record the entire chord and notes in DAW from scaler

So this might elimimate the midi capture and drag and drop but I was thinking that maybe you can add something like when you record in your DAW then it records the notes and midi from scaler 2 instead of recording a single line of midi that plays the notes/chords of scaler 2 if that makes sense?

This would be helpful for using with other layers of track instruments and saves time instead of dragging and dropping all the time.

I know chord potion does this but I dont really want to deal with midi input stuff and routing every track just to play the chords that im looking for if that makes sense.

So in a sense you can hit record, press a note and it comes out to this instead of a single line where it plays the chord.

You guys done amazing so far and im looking forward to Scaler 3 with some good feature requests added!

Welcome @AndrewReno12345
Yes but problem is that we need to be able to record and trigger one note chords. Midi capture was a great solution I felt.
Thanks for the feedback.