Recordable keyswitch changes for presets and other settings

Playing with EQ and automation has been great and looking forward to keyswitch support for presets and scale selection.

It would be really cool if you could enable a record feature where you could swap presets & settings in realtime and have those changes written to a midi file for keyswitching.

This tool makes EQ effectively an instrument so thinking of it in terms of recording seems to make sesne.


Keyswitches, that’s an interesting option but wouldn’t work in an audio channel is some DAWs or even an audio FX on a midi channel. I’ll bring it up on our next meet. Thanks.


I have been using similar method for many years (with many plug-ins combined). Thank you guys. This EQ is amazing.
I wish key detect can read whole song audio file, detect chords and follow.

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Welcome @sonus101 Thanks for the good vibes I really like Scaler EQ too. Using it always. We’ve got some great improvements on the way!

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I have a reverb-ish resonances issue. how can I fix?

If you are doing multiple filter notching in any EQ (particularly down the bottom end) you may hear ‘post filter decay’ it’s not a huge issue but we have ‘smart mode’ in settings which reduces the decay at the expense of some accuracy. Or you can just be careful on the amount of notches or use dynamic compression instead. If find it quite easy to get around.

It is absolutely huge issue. Please fix it ASAP.