Reducing size or moving Scaler install

HI I typically like to install all my vsts to a specific folder including their presets. And after using the install package uninstall that from my pc. I noticed scaler stores data in the main hard drive folder under users. Is there a way to move this data and allow scaler to work and then uninstall the package?

Second is there a way to reduce the install size by deleting the built in sound files we do not wish to use?

Also, the folder in users is named Public Documents, in my Win10 PC. Scaler 1.5 tries to install to Documents and the install fails.

Not at the moment, but we have been asked this a couple of times now, so I will make sure to address this point for the next update.

The sounds folder is only 148 MB, this is not going to save much space. And this hasn’t been tested, so it is not recommended as it might make Scaler crash when selecting sounds.

If you wish to save some space, make sure to only install the version you need (VST2, VST3, AAX).
In the future, we will make sure to make the installer and Scaler smarter regarding its install location and its data.

Sorry to hear this, I am running Win10 too and don’t have this issue, do you see an error message when it fails? Is the rest of the installation going OK? Can you see the plugin in you DAW ?


Hi, it fails on writing to the c:\users\public\document\plugin boutique\scaler\folder. All the files and folders that get installed in there it says “an error occurred…system cannot find the file specified”. It writes to the selected VST folder ok, but the data files won’t write. I’ve done a workaround by installing on another Win10 machine and copy/pasting the files and folders to where they should go manually. Seems to have worked, I have Scaler 1.5 and all the correct sounds now. I’m not able to save new permissions or security settings either, I do it and it still fails a normal installation.

Thanks for the additional info.

Happy to hear you found a workaround.

I will check what’s wrong, the Windows installer is due for an update soon anyway to allow for more installation options.

Thanks Ed, it may even be my Windows, I was able to install on another machine. That said, if you find anything I’d be interested in hearing.

I also would like to choose the folder location where the presets are saved.

Hi @phil71

It is not possible to set the location for the presets. We might have a chance to add this into a future patch.

You can access the folder directly from Scaler if you need to:

  • Go to the User progression drop-down list and click "Open Folder"