Reflective Names for MIDI drag & drop clips

Yes, it does. Drag/drop the chords from any Section.

Well… Good to know :slight_smile: I’m only getting the “Scaler-Chord-With-Markers.mid,” whether Export Midi Markers is on or off. Is there something in Reaper I should check?

I don’t remember what I did, but I certainly tweaked some settings. To be sure that your chord names are invisible because of colors, I would set the font color for Markers. I am pretty sure I did this, but don’t remember whether I did something more.

Maybe you’ll need to tweak some other colors, background color, for example.

Please try this and let me know.

Thanks for the suggestion. Coloring differently doesn’t make them show up. The dialog window in Reaper for MIDI file import that I can check to “import as project marker” creates the project marker OK and it’s colored by the Markers coloring you indicated. Just appears that no chord name is being brought in as a marker. I’ve been trying all kinds of stuff. Bizarre.

I am not sure if I already published something about it on this forum. Maybe I found the information on Reaper forum. It’s been a while.

Yep. I know what you mean. And I don’t remember doing anything special to get them to show previously – it just worked. I’ve appreciated your trying! FWIW, I just did a new portable install of Reaper to test it, and still don’t get the chord name in the midi item. Project marker continues to work fine. I wonder if it’s a label of some kind, that has a setting for postion. Oh, well… I guess it’s stumped the Devs, too.

Just a comment, which most Live users will be familiar with, but some not, so here goes, for them.

When you drag a midi file into a Live track it may not be evident that the name shown is taken from the ‘meta event definition’ FF03 in the track; the file name itself is not used. So the file title ‘Scaler-Chords’ is ignored. This is easily checked by renaming a file to ‘test’ and seeing that it has no effect.

If the Devs write the chord description as shown in each in section C to the FF03 slot, Live will then show them.

Of course, as @Bernd correctly pointed out in his initial post, this would only work for single chords, not progressions.

I was alerted to this because I succumbed to advertising and bough the Nikko chord pack, only to find that they had written lengthy copyright spiel into this section as opposed to the correct place (FF02), so the actual name of the file was not normally visible in Live. I had to write a script to read through vast numbers of mids to re-write the field.

I think users should have the choice of whether they get the (in my opinion completely useless) generic title or the actual chord titles in a drag & drop action.
It’s good to have a copy to clipboard function of the chord names. But if this function has to be used to re-label 4-6 chords which have been dragged into the DAW, then this is a tedious and redundant workflow killer, imho.
The argument against specific chord names, that merging/splitting will cause a mess in the DAW is something i cannot grasp, because how is having several iterations of “Scaler-Chord.mid” less of a naming-mess? The Clipname “Scaler-Chord” isn’t more precise than “G min”. To the contrary: When merging some chords, the resulting Clipname will at least fit ONE of the contained chords, which is more precise labeling than “Scaler-Chord”. I also think that automatic chord naming serves its absolute purpose if the individual clips are not merged/edited - something i do for practise a lot.

Dragging in 4 or more chords for practise, seeing the chord-names on their clips… that would be wonderful. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to see file naming made configurable. i.e. “Bass Gm” or “C, Dm, G7, C”