Reflective Names for MIDI drag & drop clips

Hello Scaler Team!
Would it be too much trouble to have the name of the MIDI drag & drop out of Scaler be more reflective of what that MIDI clip contains? Currently I see this…
I dragged individual chords out of Scaler, and I end up renaming them in the DAW clip. Would be terrific if the Scaler-issued name of the dragged clip already reflected that, like so…
I know that this could get complicated as people more frequently drag whole MIDI sequences (chord progressions, performances, expressions, etc.) from Scaler into DAW. But for the more obvious cases, like individual chords, this would be straight forward and super helpful.

Thanks for your consideration!


Bernd, best I recall Scaler 2 can already provide “midi markers” which provides the individual chords as you show in your second image. Not at my music machine right now, but will double check and show you what I mean later today.

Thanks @MusicStudent . Looking forward to hear more about what you have in mind. I did take a look at the Scaler 2 manual to investigate “midi markers”, but the explanation is rather sparse. And all 4 of the DAWs I use (Bitwig, Ableton, FL Studio, Maschine) don’t seem to support it. Curiously, when dropping a Scaler MIDI sequence into the Windows Explorer, it also uses the same generic name for the MIDI file created from the drag&drop.

I do it in Reaper… stay tuned till end of day.

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Yes nor does Logic which is annoying but many of the DAWs do.
Just copy to clipboard (right click on selected chords) and past. See attached:
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Davide posted this back in Nov 2020.

"we have added a few features since the release to facilitate working with chord names:

  • You can select multiple chords then using “Right-Click” > “Copy Chord Names to Clipboard” you can paste those names in the MIDI clip you dragged.
  • You can also export chord names as markers directly on your track. Go to Settings > Session > “Export Midi markers”. Now when you drag chords and if your DAW supports it, it will create markers with chord names into your track.

Works great for me in Reaper!

Tried it in Ableton and Bitwig, no dice.

How does this look in Reaper, would you mind sharing a screen shot? Thanks!

The cut & paste chord names is not what I am after, and that’s a clumsy workflow anyway - if that information is so easily available, why not automatically name the clip with that information?

If it worked, I suspect it would look like this? (I set those markers manually)

FL Studio supports MIDI markers as well, I could manually create some…

And I have seen it use MIDI markers from third party .mid files, mostly for time signature changes information.

This irritates me as well. None of the DAWs I use seem to support this. I thought Cubase would since it has a chord track but no it does not, nor Ableton.
However this is no fault of Scaler but the implementation on the DAW side. Come on Steinberg - fix this!

In Reaper it puts all the markers, with the names of the chords directly

Ok, after learning what is possible today, I want to re-iterate my original feature request, since current functionality, and its limited availability in various DAWs does not meet my need…

I would like the .mid file name that Scaler creates upon drag&drop export of MIDI chords from Scaler into DAW (currently by default “Scaler-Chord.mid”, or “Scaler-Chords-With-Markers.mid”) to be reflective of the chord name in case where I drag a single chord. This ought to be possible since Scaler controls the naming of the .mid file name it exports in drag & drop, and if I can manually capture the chords names in Scaler, that process step should be automatable as part of the said drag & drop operation. And it is clearly compatible with the DAWs, which all properly show the name of the .mid file imported.

My use case is that I frequently drag individual chords out of Scaler progressions (especially from the ever-so-cool modulations) into my performance clips, which are then mapped to one of the 64 pads on my MIDI controller (currently Maschine Jam, but could be Ableton Push, or Novation Launch Key, you name it). And then I play variations of the chords via MIDI controller pads that reflect the proximity of the musical chords in the way the key pads are layed out in 2D space.

I’ve tried in Studio one 5 and it doesn’t work, like you said I think it’s the fault of the Daw.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

We tried this and found the frequent editing, merging, joining meant that our sessions were just a miss match of incorrectly labelled chord names and it was easier to be generic and allow copy and paste from scaler


The MIDI drag to Studio One is driving me absolutely IN-frIggin-SANE!

Yes. It is in Reaper the only one that appears automatically. In the others you have to follow the clipboard method

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I would like to be able to make a custom shortcut key for copying the chord names.
Then at least I could make a macro to copy/paste the chord name into Logic’s marker/arrangement track.
Thanks by the way for a fantastic plugin.

Welcome Sinko
I have only seen the functionality you refer to work in Reaper. In other DAWs it doesn’t work.
To have the chord labels you must copy, after selecting the chords ,. Then you open the clipboard and copy it to go back to the DAW and paste in the timeline where you want it to appear
I leave you a link that takes you to another article in the forum on this same topic

Thank you kindly. Yes that’s why in Scaler it would be great if you coud add a keyboard shortcut in the Prefs/Command area for a “Copy Names to Clipboard.”
It would be a lot more dependable than my macros below…
I’ve written 2 macros in Keyboard Maestro. One will copy the Chord Names to the clipboard (A workaround with a hotkey). Then it will open the Clipboard, space the chords out ready for easier copying to the Logic Arrangement track.

Does 2.7.3 still support chord names when dragging into Reaper? I can’t get it to work now, although it did in an older project. I’m thinking I might have used an earlier version in that project?