Relocation of Sounds library

I have read here that being able to relocate/move the Sounds directory has been requested back in v1 and was on a “to do” list.

Now that Scaler v2 is out, Is there any way to move the Sounds folder to a different location?
Scaler v2 has a much larger internal Sound library this is taking up more space on the C drive . We need to be able to move the Sound library to a separate Sample drive.

While the “preferences” section allows us to see the location of the “Sounds” directory, I could not relocate this folder.

Is there anyway to do this with v2?


I asked this question too, not realising that you also had - but it looks like no-one else is interested as neither of us has had a reply yet!!

I think this should happen but we need to make sure everything Is rock solid before we proceed here and there are always other features and developments prioritising over this one. Hopefully we can have some answers in the near future.

Thanks for the reply. I hope that this will be done. It has been requested for some time and was told that it was on the list for features back in v1. I agree that getting Scaler v2 Rock Solid and bug free is the higher priority, but please make sure this is done in the near future.
BTW, I love Scaler. It is great, but I was really surprised that the Sounds library was not movable.l
Again, thank you for your reply and for a fantastic product.

Thanks - some hope then! Heartily second cecelius2 comments.

I’m really wanting to move the library myself. In settings I’m lead to believe that I can move it, but it won’t allow you to move it. I’d be happy if I could just get it out of the usless public folder, and put it in my actual user folder where everything else is. The installer doesn’t even give you the option. It really bothers me. Sorry, I happen to be one of those that likes the ability to tell the software where to install libraries, not the other way around. Some users would like to install to a separate disk. That is a totally valid request also. This option should be included in the installer. Totally not happy about this.

There is a workaround for this.
You can move the folder to where you prefer it, and then use Link Shell Extension to create a symbolic link to that folder (it’s like a a shortcut that windows will recognize as the folder actually being there).

A google search for Link Shell Extension, and/or symbolic links will give you all the info you need.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I believe the plugin should have this functionality on board. Scaler 2 seems to let you browse for the library location, but it doesn’t seem to work properly.

You can now choose your own location in 2.1


Davide: Thanks so very much for adding this feater to v2.1. This is great!


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I can’t express how much this means to me Davide. Seriously. I am super happy for this feature. Thank you so much! Scaler 2 is very important to me and now it’s complete.


Many thanks for adding this! Much appreciated!

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Credit to @Ed1 and the DEV team for implementing this.