Repeated crashes using Keys-Lock

Repeated crashes trying to use Keys-Lock and Chord Notes to do the guitar solo in a wonderful song I am composing (a sort of mix between Sting and Eminem)

I don’t think it’s my weak PC, because I have just Scaler and AAS Strum-GS2 with other 3 tracks frozen

Apparently the RAM is killed before the crash

Scaler-State_2021-04-30_000218.xml (17.3 KB)

I sent already the log file to Ableton support and I can send it to devs if needed
(it is a 2,5 MB zip file)

It’s very sad I cannot use Keys-Lock to do the solo, because it seems doing the job fine before crashing

Thanks for reporting @ClaudioPorcellana, we will have a look :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about your new song…I bet they get it figured out.

On the selfishly bright side, thanks to loading your state file to see if I got something similar (and I’ve never seen Scaler’s crash behavior) I finally solved a riddle that has been bugging me for months but my pride would not let me just to ask.

The riddle? What did the Chord mute button do? I seemed obvious…it must mute the chords when you have keylock on. However, since I only tried it with the top 2-3 keylock items selected and it did nothing, I assumed my assumption was wrong. (double assumption jokes left unspoken for effect)

Ironically, it was my failure to simply fully test all the options that led to my not so simple custom Scaler sound experimenting. I just wanted to hear the top line a little louder. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I hope you get your issue resolved so you can continue your composition…please post and thanks for inadvertently helping me solve my own puzzle.

BTW, I still have not been able to crash Scaler…still trying.

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he he, it seems I am more impudent then you

anyway, the Chord mute (that raised tons of issues in the past) let you play a solo over a series of chords

It has many limits, because you can play fewer notes than the norm, usually 4-5 max, but often 3
On the other hand you can play a simple solo clicking repeatedly the same key: funny uh?

For the solo in the Sting-Eminem song I used another Scaler pattern at half speed driving AAS Strum-GS 2 in the loop mode, with an arpeggio riff, and now I’ve just to find a proper effect on it

I also hope to can test n-Track to add my voice, but unsure about that

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@Ed1 I just tried a super-simple situation with 2 tracks and I have constant crashes at the very first green note I click on

Tried different setting for the audio card with no success

It seems to be a CPU issue, but it’s not justified considering how little resources are one Scaler and 1 Ableton instrument