Requests for strumming mode to improve guitar emulation

Hi guys and girls. And small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri

So with the strumming mode of playing, what would be the possibility of playing open strings on a guitar neck in the “strum” in updates to Scaler, not just the notes in the chord? And to expand on that even further, how about being able to add a cappo to the neck of the virtual guitar? Expanding even more on this, not all guitar chords play all strings on the guitar neck, but then I guess that’s also down to what the musician wants to play.
If this is already possible, please tell me to *** off and RTFM more.

Anyway, have a great evening folks.
Best Regards

To expand even more, how about notes to separate midi channels for vst’s that support midi guitar?

Thanks for feedback, 2.5 will focus on expanding the guitar features of scaler so all feedback is welcome.