Reviewing Scaler 2

Hi there,

I’ve tried to make contact via the support@scalerplugin.con email re reviewing Scaler 2 on my YouTube live stream but heard nothing back. Is there a better way to actually make contact re this?

Hi @ridiculocity if you would like, send me a dm and we can discuss.

Hey @james for the life of me I cant seem to work out how to DM you. I cant see the little envelope icon anywhere. I feel like a fool LOL. Can you message me?

Have you tried clicking on his name or avatar?

Lol damn I clicked on the photo and all around the actual name. I thought I was going crazy. Maybe just blind. Cheers

ahem… after clicking/tapping on his avatar…
:grin: :rofl:

When I was clicking on the photo the message box wasn’t appearing. Eventually I clicked on the name and it appeared. Same was happening for all moderators. Maybe it was because I had just joined or something:

Anyhow all sorted now!