Rhythm selections not appearing to function in the Andante category (except for the last two)?

Hi, this may be my error, however…

I’m using Scaler 2 V2.4 on a 64bit PC. I’ve got some chords loaded and thought I’d add some Performance in Expression/Rhythms/Andante/Sostenuto. However Scaler just plays the chords straight with no Rhythm adjustment? I then noticed that only Tentnuto and Verismo will adjust the rhythm in the Andante category (the last two in the category, all selections above these two, do not work)? All of the other sets work fine too (Intermedio, Presto, Volante etc).

Am I possibly missing something, doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance guys, otherwise I’m loving Scaler 2! :smiley:

Hi and welcome @Snapscale
Strangely I just noticed this yesterday too which makes me believe this is a bug in 2.4, I will discuss with team, hopefully its an easy fix for 2.4.1 due very soon.
Thanks for reporting.

Hi Davide,

thank you for your reply and chatting with the team, I really appreciate that…and be sure to tell the team what a fantastic job they’ve done, and continue to do with Scaler 2! It’'s a wonderful piece of software, which I find really inspiring. Many Thanks for all of the work! :+1: :grinning:

Seems to work fine on Mac under High Sierra.

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Yeah its weird wasn’t able to replicate it again but seems there’s a combination of going to sostenuto or one of the others then tracking backwards which then won’t change the rhythm , I’ll have another go after my livestream to see if I can replicate and discuss with Ed but my guess it will almost never rear its ugly head!

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