Rhythm/Timing Suggester

Sorry if already mentioned somewhere…

I think it would be cool if there was a rhythm/timing suggester. Similar to how Suggester recommends chord progressions, this could recommend different ways of laying out the duration each chord plays. So maybe chord 1 is .5 beats, chord 2 is 1.5, chord 3 is 1.5, chord 4 is .5, etc…you get the idea. These could be random timing suggestions or perhaps using a database of rhythms created by artists, or even better a combination of both.

Hi @kottke Have you tried the Rhythms within the expressions menu?

Hi @davide , yes I’ve used the Rhythms in the expression menu. They are useful no doubt, but I was thinking of something that would allow for more variety. An example would be something which allows for more than 8 chords within an 8 bar section. Something like this:

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