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I use Cubase 11 and could achieve this using the Input Transformer, it just seems a bit of a faff though.

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I have the opposite problem. I spend my time trying to make my guitar sound lke a keyboard (using guitar synth)!!
For easy guitar chord cheats use the formula chord (ascending) rt,5,rt, 3, 5, rt (eg C,G,C,E,G,C). That would be a basic barre chord raising or lowering each note in the chord could give you something that is playable and realistic. I very rarely play all 6 strings or stick to straight chords.
In the case of Four part harmony etc chords most guitarists play the basnote and skip a string Rt,7,3,5. So a C maj 7 would be C,B,E,G. Cmaj9 C,B,D,G which to me is a G maj inversion over C.
For complex sounds I will use simple triads with a different bass note or steal…er…borrow something from Allan Holdsworth!!
Obviously the chords can be as complex as you like, but these will give you a basic framework to construct from and make it easier to write for a guitarist.

Never heard about this guy before
I must check it

That sounds great. Here’s some random thoughts/feature requests for Guitar.

  1. Arpeggio picking. So many guitar styles feature it and it’s one of the more attractive features of the guitar (my instrument). From traditional finger picking styles to the sitar-like picking heard in Jazz fusion, to pop hits like those of Christopher Cross, it’s a ubiquitous element of popular guitar sounds. Some of the best hooks.

  2. Related guitar voicing. I often “walk inversions” when playing a progression on Guitar. Scaler already does this well, but applying it to guitar-possible vocings would make guitar parts sound more authentic. As references for “good chords,” I’d suggest Ted Greene’s Chord Chemistry – still one of the classic works on Guitar Chords and Sid Jacobs – great Jazz guitar chords and vocings, there’s so many others, too.

  3. Rootless voicings. It would be great if Scaler would take a common chord and then show us related Guitar Chords with tensions added and the Root or other chord tones omitted, as needed. This is very common on Guitar but can be tricky.

  4. Chord Synonyms. Ted Greene devotes some time to this, but it is a source of endless exploration and a good way to find new sounds and progressions. So, we enter a common chord, say “C7b9,” and Scaler would show us a set of chord synonyms for it (with chord tones/tensions added or omitted per taste).

  5. Open String voicing. Open strings in Guitar voicings provide a unique sound. If we add Alternate Tuning to that, the possible “good chords” expands tremendously. It would be great if Scaler could suggest chords that feature open strings. For example, C#-Minor 1st Inversion is great on Guitar in standard Tuning with the low E string. Sometimes the open string is a tension or suspension.

I could go on but don’t want to go into the TL/DR zone. I’m sure I’ll like whatever you do with Scaler re: Guitar stuff. I hope some of this is helpful and thanks for this great product which I’m not telling anyone about. :slight_smile:



I can see only a correct formatting, if you mean your writing :thinking:

Heh. On my screen, paragraphs 1-2-4 are indented, but 3 is not.


Because 1, 2 and 4 have a dot “.” after the number and paragraph 3 has coma “,” after the number – computers are stupid :rofl:

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or too much fussy

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Naturally they are, people built them. As you likely know, in so many cases, computers do what you tell them to do, not what you want them to do. Anyway, I fixed it. Good eyes for spotting the error. :slight_smile:

Just wanna say love what this community is doing and the scaler 2 software in general. Learning more and more…Peace&PositiveEnergy!!

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yes, this is exactly why I often attend this forum, so full of polite, ironic, and formative people

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I’ve been to a couple of Alan’s live shows, and he is a master of scales, chords and legato playing. He is no longer with us (died in 2017). He used for some time a ‘Synthaxe’ to try and get the sounds and tonality he was after. He was a huge influence on many of the top players globally. Check out his list interview at
https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/final-interview-allan-holdsworth-talks-synthaxes-jaw-dropping-solos-and-more … there is also a video on there.


maybe you should get a keyboard lol

Scaler to Musiclab Realguitar

In Strum-GS 2 there is MIDI Out, so upgrading maybe worthy for you