Saving Chord Set Patterns

When I have created several patterns in a project and the click Save to save the chord set, It saves just fine, and I can recall it if I want to.

However, if I want to later add more patterns to the project under the same chord set group, I have to click Save >> Rename the pattern >> Confirm overwrite.

It would be so much easier if there was just a way to save the chord set as patterns are added without those added steps.

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It seems like that could be a real problem to accidentally overwrite something you don’t want to. It’s not that much to do the overwrite. I always save versions in case I make a mistake.

+1 to this request.

At times, I may want to pull up a progression and make a tweak such as shifting the progression by a few semitones. It would be great that when we click the “Save” button, we don’t have to re-type the progression which could lead to duplicate entries or just more saved chords than I want. It would be nice to have an easy option to overwrite the progression and have the name of the existing progression pop up when we click “Save.” Thanks for considering this request!

Actually not a bad idea. Kontakt Snapshots works that way (most of the time) and it is handy. I would vote for that.