Scale Binding vs Row Binding Behavior with CCs


I have a controller (Arturia Beatstep) with 16 buttons, programmed to send different CCs, 127 on press, 0 on release.

These bind to the Scales just as expected.

However, when I attempt to bind to rows, it seems the CC 127 selects the row, and the CC 0 then unselects it. Net result: row not selected!

I believe I get that these rows allow for both On and Off signals, and since I’m sending both I’m ending up in the Off state. Yes, I can reprogram my controller not to send a button release message, however, would it be possible/sensible for the rows to optionally behave as the scales do, meaning: last-selected-remains-current ?

Hi @sj1

your controller seems to send 2 key-press at a time. Scaler interprets this as turning it ON then OFF. Pretty much the same as if you pressed twice on your button every time.

It doesn’t happen on scales because Scaler does not allow “deselecting” a scale.

I hope this makes sense.

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