Scale Lock - Possible "Realtime" wonderings

Hi All,

Been playing around and thinking about Scale Lock. Currently it states “locks white keys to the scale of your currently selected chord set”.

Wondering. Suppose you already have a complex chord progression in Scaler that actually uses several different scales throughout the progression and record that performance via midi DAW. Now you want to do another pass with a Melody line using Scale Lock.

Might it be possible to somehow make Scale Lock follow your previous Chord progression that would bypass the 1st recorded midi notation (of the progression) and at same time switch to the different scales of that progression in Realtime as you may overdub this new Melody line?

I’ve probs made that query a bit long winded but hope you get my point. Just curious really.


Yes, it is possible, Melody Lock is something we plan on integrating in a later update.

At the moment the interface isn’t really adapted to this kind of real-time feature, but we are working on it.

Thanks for the suggestion and supporting Scaler :slight_smile: