Scale needs different color

Suggestion. There is still a challenge in this excellent update. How can we learn to play the chords when in binding mode if the keys in scale are also blue like the chord presses? Maybe keys held down can be orange or something. Something that stands out as different from the colored keys in the scale.

Hi @xtremsounds

yes, this is something we plan on improving. The new features have started to complicated the readability of the keyboard. We plan on working on those big UI changes in an update early next year.

I can’t tell you if it’s going to be orange or not as we haven’t gotten as far yet in the redesign but why not… there was some orange in some early design of Scaler :wink:

There will be beta versions as we develop new features in the next months. And we will communicate more about the development in the beta section soon. (you can request access to the group here: )