Scaler 1.6.1 and Drag N Drop

Update - Dec 05 2018 - I contacted Acoustica Mixcraft and they repsonded right away, something that is not happening here, sadly. anyway they are looking into this matter as the problem has nothing to do with the Mixcraft Pro 8 software. Their tech suggested that I drag n drop the midi file (DragMIDI) into a Windows folder first, and then to drag it into Scaler 1.6.1. I tried this and it works, its a big hassle, but it works.
I sure hope you guys at Scaler can get this bug worked out.

Original Message

I just downloaded the newest upgrade version of Scaler 1.6.1 I opened up my DAW Mixcraft Pro 8 and proceeded to use Scaler as I have done in the past.

When I use the Drag N Drop feature to move chord progressions into my DAW everything freezes up. This never happened before. I have to execute a Cntrl Alt Delete function to close the program and all work is lost.
What has changed?

I am running Win 10 - 64 bit and i have both versions of Mixcraft loaded (32 & 64) I tried both versions of Scaler and still the same thing is happening.

So I am using Scaler 1.5 as everything works as it should.

Hi @Nigell

sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for reporting your issue here.

I have been able to reproduce your issue here on our test setups. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to fix it yet.
I can only agree with what have been told by the Mixcraft team regarding the workaround at the moment.

This issue is on our to-do list for the next patch and I will update here when we get to a fix.

Thanks Ed

I appreciate the fact that you are aware of the problem and that you are working towards a solution.