Scaler 2.1.2 crashes Ableton

Hey my VST and VST3 crashes Ableton over and over again. all of a sudden and results won’t be restored at any point. Its really destroying my workflow with the plugin which is driving me crazy because I really love it :smiley: do other people have similar problems ?

yes, same with Cubase 10.5.
More or less random, often a simple click anywhere in the GUI is enough to Crash Cubase.
I am used to it since Scaler v1, not sure if they are able to adress the instability issues.
I have moved away, too much hazzle (although I liked it as well)

Welcome @MAGDA It’s rock solid for me and thousands of other users, certainly as much as you would expect from any plug. May I suggest you post specific details such as OS platform and crash type - that way one of the devs here may analyse…

Just downloaded Scaler version 2.1.2, running it on Ableton Live 10 Lite, seems to work fine (Windows 8.1 x64)

in my case Ableton and Scaler worked for some weeks, then Ableton started crashing just trying to reopen projects that were managed without an issue a few days before

I really don’t know why, as I updated/installed nothing, but as I don’t do music for living I used the old good policy, i.e. throwing the offending sw in the garbage bin

now I acquired Reaper and I can upload Ableton into Reaper and the RAM sucked is a lot less and nothing crashes!

in any case, if somebody wants a second-hand Ableton Live 9…