Scaler 2.2 Bass Mode | Melody Mode | Swing | Navigation | Grouping


Excellent, significant update. Installation seems fine, no issues.

The new features and navigation are impressive. Thanks for the helpful video – good sounding music.

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YAYAYAY, The hanging sustain pedal notes are finally gone! Yayayayayayayayayayayayaya! Thankyou!

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Thank you @davide for your helpful video walkthroughs. I usually figure out how Scaler works functionally, but what I learn from you is the music theory part. It’s like @Ed1 said, it takes a combination of technical and musical know-how. I have the technical part covered, but my struggle is with understanding music theory, and your hands-on walkthrough videos are enormously helpful for that!

BTW, great interview with Joshua on PluginBoutique the other day, it was great to see @Ed1 as well :slight_smile:

Cheers you guys!