Scaler 2.2 crash on Fl Studio 20 (Mac version)


Just bought Scaler 2 yesterday. Each time I start to play with my keyboard using Scaler 2, Fl studio 20 crashes and I have the following message. (I tried with AU, VST and VST3 but it is always the same). Does anyone encountered the same issue ?

Thanks for your help!

FL Studio ( has encountered an error and needs to restart.

MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.6 (assemblage 18G7016)
Access violation

00000001A7A45000:00000001A82047E3: Scaler2

Crash happens more specifically when I have selected 4 chords and I am playing with keys lock - chord notes. 5 min later, it crashes…


I have the same setup as you and, yes, I had the same issue (FL crashing after couple minutes when Scaler controls another VSTi).

Hopefully the workaround will work for you as well.

The Scaler’s YT channel tutorial for FL studio uses Windows version. The same for other YT tutorials. For some reason everybody religiously sticks to Channel 1 when routing the midi - this seems to work for most (not me though).

To keep it short: I have changed the Channel to 2 instead and crashes stopped - I can use the Scaler and it blows my mind :wink:

I think the problem might be on FL Studio side and their mac version ocassionally uses Channel 1 for something it should not.