Scaler 2.2 demo crashes in Pro Tools 2020.11 Windows 10

2 issues i saw just today after installing the demo:

#1. Crashed PT with sustained note. had to reboot PC.
#2. Loaded project again, then used it for a bit, then left it for a bit and came back, it was locked up, PT non-responsive, again had to reboot the PC.

I have so many plugins that i use from time to time, none crash the DAW like this one does. the DAW PC is a 32GB RAM high spec machine, i dont have any latency problems and im runnning with an Allen & Heath SQ7 at 96KHz.

I wont be paying for this plugin unless it becomes a lot more stable. Does anyone have any similiar issues?

Hi @snakethumper

Thanks for reporting.

You should either try to run at a lower sample rate or disable the audio detection. It is unstable at 96KHz, we are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

I hope this helps you enjoy the demo a bit more :slight_smile:

yeah but all my projects are already in 96K so the only way i could do that is for new projects. I’d prefer to wait until you get 96K working and stable…

I understand, we are working on it, making good progress and it should be sorted out by the end of the month for the next patch.

How is this progressing? any updates?

Hey @snakethumper

it should be more stable in the latest 2.3 version. Full changelog is available here:

ok great, thanks, i’ll give it a go…