Scaler 2.3 new guitar riffs

As suggested by @davide I used one of those new riffs made by guitarists for guitarists with my loyal Strum GS-2

Here is the Scaler xml Riffas.xml (9.6 KB)

I then dragged & dropped the series of chords in Ezkeys as explained here, alternative work-flow, bottom of the page

Broomstick Bass followed the guitar without even asking for a beer :grinning:

And the drummer was thrifty as well

here is the result a wonderful funky vibe!

If only Scaler developers were able to make one zillion of those riffs, or to let us able to modify/create riffs…


But it works the way you are doing it. I personally like combining different instruments and tools. That’s the fun part. You aren’t locked into one way of doing stuff. Keep it up.Rock on!

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me too, but likely way less numerous tools than you

I am a fan of simple 4-folks bands: bass, rhythmical guitar, drums, one soloist (voice or another guitar)

thanks for attending anyway

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Funky! And yes to letting Scaler users edit & incorporate their own Riffs or other MIDI sequences, in one holistic presets bank system. But what next, users asking for Piano Roll representation? :wink: