Scaler 2.4 for Newbies

I recently purchased Scaler 2.3 and upgraded to Scaler 2.4. It appears to be an incredible program but I cant find any help of how it works. Either the training is outdated and the menu options/organization has changed or it covers a lot of new features that people who already understand how it works can relate to. I have looked at many of the youtube videos and the older menus dont match the way the product now works

I am totally confused on where to go to get help. I am not a novice to computer technology or music theory and I still cant seem to figure out what you use for what. Is there any training for scaler 2.3/2.4 that starts with the basics ? Maybe its just me but something is probably wrong with the design if it is this difficult to figure out how to use.

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Hi @Mcarter5100
It’s an issue when the developers seem to plough ahead and continually update and build the program with scant regard for its users! And I agree with you on all your points.
I personally would follow this playlist:

Start with the first video and use scaler from what you learn from it and then progress through at your own pace. Have the manual and also check through some of these short videos and you will learn all of the scaler functions.


Complete overview older version but still relevant. Many more on Scaler on YouTube
And of course just ask questions here at the forum. You’ll get answers.

This is a good on for the 2.4 Update.

This guy has several interesting videos on Scaler.

All of Plugin Boutiques Listing


This may be the best tongue-in-cheek reply that I have ever seen.

And, don’t miss the Tutorials section of this forum

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