Scaler 2.4 is good at Funky Live Jam

Somebody asks here and there if Scaler can be played live: yes, we can!

One can play forever with this routing and “godere come un riccio” like me :rofl:

The routings

The 2 VB3-II presets



The bass & drums

The 2 Scaler XML


Scaler-State_VB3-II accomp.xml (10.4 KB)


Scaler-State_VB3-II solo.xml (26.6 KB)

And here is the Funky Live Jam

I can’t imagine the marvels a better keyboards player can produce…


Just add a fader controller and change drawbar values and you’ll have even more pleasure.

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I think to understand the second tip, and I still have to study how to use the Manual presets, but the 1st one?
what’s a fader?

Search for Korg NanoKontrol 2. Faders are sliding potentiometers allowing to gradually change values. i use this cheapo (under 100$) and the drawbars move on the screen and the sound change in real time. There are motorized fader controllers that work both directions. Change the position of a fader in controller, your VST changes it’s values. Or change something in your DAW/VST and the physical faders will move to the new position. But they cost more.

ah, now I understand
well, the best stuff should be the hardware sold by VB3 developers
this one very expensive

or this one way less

I did this in Reaper with nanoKontrol2 and this works fine. I’ll prepare a short video.

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Frui tamquam lepus compositor!


Don’t know if there are any DIY’ers…

DIY Fader/Slider Box
This One’s Mo’e Bette’

For non-DIY’ers: ($99 each)

A Fave (that I don’t own $399)

NB: A good MIDI controller really helps the workflow!

I had considered the Nakedboards, but at a price point of almost $200 for both, the Novation Launch Control XL at $150 was a better deal, with all the same features (8 faders, 24 knobs) plus 16 buttons/pads, and seamless integration with Ableton and Bitwig.

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I’m showing $160, but YES! Nice find. :+1::grin:

thanks for all suggestions of yours, but thinking to my Hammond plugin, I’ll follow the @Miki suggestion

60 EUR for the nano are unbeatable

I was one of them, and I still have a soldering tin reel and a soldering iron, but I am totally out of practice since the last work, a Geiger counter assembled during the Fukushima disaster

Unfortunately, I ordered it 2 months ago, but I had to cancel because it is no more available in Italy
maybe the project is dead?

I have to find something else, and more expensive sigh

Ciao,Claudio. I checked on German, Dutch and GB Amazon. Out of stock.on black should be on stock within one week, but white is available right now. Korg nanoKONTROL 2 white – Thomann UK


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thanks @Miki
it’s the same thing the Italian store said to me 2 months ago, but a week after I ordered they said “we are sorry it’s late” and so on up to 2 days ago

Now, maybe that some store retrieves fortuitously a day or another 1 or 2 pieces like, but I generally prefer buying in Italy and/or through Amazon because the possible return is super easy and free, and it often happens that foreign stuff aren’t covered by the Italian warranty

Anyway, yesterday I bought the AKAI Midimix, hoping it’s not a lemon as @Bernd found
:crazy_face: :rofl:

Strange enough. Maybe Korg is preparing something like “nanoKontrol3” so the stocks are empty. Canadian sites have them, but Amazon is low in stock. Who knows?
Akai should be ok if you can map the controls. They do the excellent quality products.
I had mapping issues between Reaper and nanoKontrol2, but thanks to a German guy who déveloped excellent plugin, i programmed everything to my taste.
Let me know how Akai works for you. I have their pad controller and it works really fine.