Scaler 2.4 - scale list still very blurry as soon as the ui is scaled while all other fonts are sharp

I think I reported this after scaler 2 release. It’s still a problem. :confused:

  • The whole scale list is very blurryas soon as the ui is scaled. Seems like scaled on pixel level. All other areas/fonts in scaler 2 are sharp at the same time!

  • This is also a problem for all pop ups in this area. Like when you click the (i) button behind a scale, that shows the note of the scale. Quite hard to read. Font in these pop ups are too small and blurry.

Still the same in 2.5.

Please try it in Windows, it’s really bad to read with many window sizes. Maybe it’s not a problem on macOS.

Hi @clavia

which DAW are you using and what is the resolution of your screen?
Check if there is an option to enable/disable the support for “HiDPI Screen” in the options of your software.