Scaler 2.5 ableton als export/import resets

I have a master scaler track where I load in all the chords, then i have a few slave scaler tracks which reads in the midi from the master and then I can change the perform/humanize or something else on the slave tracks to control for instance an arp or bass. So when I change the master scaler chords it all follows.
That all works like charm.
But when I want to export the whole setup into abletons browser as an als, and when I import it into a fresh project I get everything working except that the scalers have reset that whole menu with perform, humanize, key lock etc that I had set on the slave scaler tracks. I dont know if this is an ableton problem but I havent seen settings being reset in other vst when exporting and importing als from the browser.
Im on ableton 10 suite

Hi just to simplify the debug. I tried now with a new scaler and just enabled performance, key locking and humanize, the rest being vanilla, and exported into browser. But same thing when I import in fresh project, it forgets the settings.