Scaler 2.5 crashing live 11.1/Monterey like clockwork

anyone noticing this bug? its usually while editing chords or just after saving. really hope this will be fixed soon as Live is crashing on repeat

Hi @whisperbreakswindows

thanks for reporting your issue, are you using a high samplerate or anything specific in your config?

You can try to disable the audio detection, and/or opengl rendering and check if that improves. There are a few post about this on the forum.

I don’t think it is a common issue, but there must be something going on.


Yes, I just purchased it and I basically can’t use it. It crashes over and over again, losing all the settings everytime.
Using ableton 11 on Mojave.
It only happens with the VST3 version, the AU seems to be stable. Problem is that in ableton you can only route the midi from the VST.
The VST2 and the control AU don’t show up, so I can’t use external sounds unless I use the VST3, which is unusable because it crashes every 10 clicks.

Hi @Sevenjay

if you have repeated crash, your computer should have generated a crash log.

Could you please check on your system, inside the “Console” app. (Simply press CMD+SpaceBar on your keyboard and search “console”). Once launched you should see this window:

You can see on the left column the “Crash Report” section, look for an Ableton Live one that correspond to the time you experienced a crash. You can then press the “Share” button in the top section and forward the log to us for investigation.

You can send it by email at and we will have a look.