Scaler 2.5 Mac - audio detection from sample not working here

I have 4 chord samples that I want to detect which chords they are. I go SRC: Open Audio file, but nothing happens except warning I would overwrite current detection. Tried dragging and dropping .wav files on to Scaler and it’s the same with or without a record button pushed.

Probably I’m doing something wrong because detection from audio and midi works. Please help!

Wellcome, #pyc I don’t have a Mac. I’m on Windows. I don’t think I can directly help you. But you can use the search in the forum. Click on the magnifying glass and write audio detection. You will find links to posts that have already been covered here, and they will surely help you in solving the problem. Luck

Already surfed around on this site. I see some people are having the same problem, but there’s no solution. My .wav files are 16bit 44.1 KHz and PCM S16 LE (s16l), maybe it’s the problem in format?

When you get the warning (which is normal) do you click OK to overwrite?

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… and I’m probably being a little thick, but you say audio detection works, but not with a WAV file (??)

AFAIK, you can only detect ‘audio’ in Scaler by importing a supported sound file, normally WAV - but WAV is an audio file. So what audio file format is it that you successfully import to detect ?

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Good point I missed that. Sounds like something is a bit off here.

What is this file you are trying to detect?

But here you say audio detection works as pointed out by @yorkeman