Scaler 2.5 unusable due to lag on M1 Pro

Hi, Im unable to use Scaler on my relatively new Macbook Pro M1 Pro. When clicking a button, it takes several seconds to reach. Trying to enter Settings takes almost 30 seconds. Is this a known bug? Is Scaler incompatible with M1 systems? Or is there something I can do to fix the issue? Thanks and sorry if this has been addressed before.

MacOS 12.3, Macbook M1 Pro 16gb ram. Trying to use Scaler 2.5 in both Ableton or any other DAW causes the same lag.

This issue has been brought up before. Here is one link. If you go to this one you will see suggestions for related topics below the last post.

Thank you for the quick reply :pray: I just skimmed the thread. My takeaway is that there is nothing to do about this, until its addressed by the developer, in the next update, am I right?

Thats unfortunate… Hopefully the next update won’t take too long. Really looking forward to using this plugin.

Update 2.6 is close. How close we don’t know but probably not too long.

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