Scaler 2.6 is here >>>

And I am dying to use “Trap & Punk chord sets” to do anything else, from prog to funk
:grin: :rofl:

When will the new version be released? New features are always of interest.

I think it should be very soon.

Looking like June 24th - same as iPad release, you can BETA here:


thanks, but the link goes to a private page…

Hi there

the dog days stopped me testing the beta at night, because my mansard is too hot :hotsprings:, but it seems to me that Scaler 2.6 is more stable

You are right. It it really stable now, even in Reaper. I like it.

and trap patterns are amazing for prog… :grin:

I’ll let you listen as far the dog days go away

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Scaler 2.6 is showing for me to download. At last the wait is over , that too before the said date. :grinning:

Yes, I see
but it’s 1 GB so I can still tell it is “coming” :cold_face:

Yeah even I wary of the download size but then the excitement got the better of me. Sadly my mobile data ran out of juice before the download completed. Had to switch to another service to download it. I am super excited to try 2.6 today. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Installation was flawless. I always reboot before installing and would suggest that to anyone installing or updating Scaler.

I’ve yet to explore the new content and sounds. I’m looking forward to it. I’m very glad the Unisons are now saved and reloaded. I find that particularly helpful creatively. There’s a minor drag/drop issue with dragging Unisons detected in the A section to C Section Patterns. See my post in General Discussions on that if interested.

Thanks to the Scaler Team and beta testing crew for all your hard work. :+1:

Where can I download the latest 2.6 version?

You can download it in your Plugin Boutique account. Go to the top of the list box if 2.6 is not displayed.

Sweet! All updates are nice. Just don’t found these options in 2.6:

  • Add more guitar chord charts positions
  • Add new multi-stroke strum patterns
    Where are them?

Multi stroke patterns are the strum sequences which go up / down and now hold when holding a chord. Same patterns just new behaviour.

6440-Scaler-2.6.0.pkg downloaded from PluginBoutique does not seem to be properly signed.
Must right-click to install.
I have no problems doing that but it does not feel quite right!
(Sorry, error message in Swedish)

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@davide could you please sign the package properly? :slight_smile:

I get this error also.

Please rectify the signed status.

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why MAC is so fussy?

Windows says nothing

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