Scaler 2.7.1 crashes when two or more instances are synced and I switch between the plugin windows - Only when using OpenGL rendering!

I like to report a problem with Scaler 2.7.0 / 2.7.1:
When I place two or more Scaler instruments on to different channels in FL Studio 20/21 or on to different tracks in Studio One 4/5/6, I can switch between the plugin windows in FL Studio or the plugin tabs in Studio One back and forth without a problem.

As soon as I sync the first Scaler instance to the other Scaler instances (click on gear icon, search for “sync”, click on sync, select “entire state” then click the sync button) FL Studio or Studio One crashes when I switch between the plugin windows / tabs a few times, when using OpenGL rendering.

When I turn off OpenGL rendering with the ScalerSettings App, the crash does not occur anymore.

I can use multiple Scaler instances that are NOT synced without problems, no matter if OpenGL rendering is on or off.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro with a Geforce GTX 650 Graphics card with latest Nvidia 474.14 drivers.


There have been a number of issues reported when using OPEN GL on the forum. It may be worth reviewing these

Turn OpenGL off. I always have it set that way.

Thanks jamieh, I mentioned that solution also in my original post. I hoped to give the Scaler developers a detailed description of what is happening in what situation and how I did overcome the problem.

I saw that you mentioned it but it’s a known issue on some systems. If you are having problems with it then it is best to keep it off. On my system I need to have it off in Cubase as well or I get crashes on many of my favorite plugins. I don’t miss it being off.

@jamieh Can you please list the most famous plugin names that give you problems when using OpenGL, so I can check if I have one of them installed on my system as well? Beneath the stock plugins of FL Studio or Studio One 6, I use Komplete Ultimate 12, Sylenth1, Serum, Loopcloud and some free plugins like Spitfire Audio LABS, BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover and other free syths.

Because Scaler is currently the only plugin that crashes my DAW’s and also ONLY when synced to an other instance, I believe that this is a problem within the Scaler plugin.

I also have a simple system setup with only one screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution. So no 4K or secondary Screen is involved here. Some graphics card manufacturers seem to fully implement OpenGL only for the primary display and use a cheaper workaround for the secondary screen. That’s why sometimes users only can see their plugins correctly on the primary display.

I just wanted to report, that with Scaler 2.7.2 the crash with multiple synced Scaler instances does not occur any more. I have now turned OpenGL back on again an can switch between the Scaler plugin windows without any problems.