Scaler 2.7.1- only 6 chords are played while there are 8 chords displayed

Hello All,

I discover Scaler 2 and I am new on the site.
I have a problem on synchronization with several open scalers.
On the leader scaler, there are only 6 chords that are played out of the 8 chords.
Have you ever met this issue?
Thanks for your help

Hi @AuBeOne

what is driving the playback? If it is your DAW make sure your playback section is long enough for Scaler to play all the chords.

If you stop any playback and press play in the Section C of Scaler, does the whole progression play normally?

Bonjour Edouard!

I really appreciate your prompt help and your possible solutions.

Issue is from the playback of my DAW, now it’s solved.

Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation!