Scaler 2.7.2 working great here

How’s everyone getting on with version 2.7.2? Works fine here on Mac 10.15.6. No issues in Bitwig or Cubase 12.
Thanks you Scaler Team for the continued improvements!


Good to know, the main thing here is that we have found a way (thanks to our users suggestions) to filter out some of the junk being caused on Apple Silicon Macs and Logic users using MIDI FX. Very useful for a growing portion of scaler users.

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Well, I think I’ll ask for support to WWF then
just like pangolins and Hirolas
:grin: :upside_down_face: :rofl:

One curious thing for me is that when you instantiate a Scaler 2 as an instrument in Bitwig the available parameters that can be controlled are not shown in the Bitwig track container, it just shows the word Parameter and a number but doesn’t know what that is connected to in Scaler. Whereas all other plugins I’ve tried list the available parameter names that can be controlled. Probably a problem in Bitwig, not Scaler. However, if you go to the Scaler window and select Host Automation, the parameter shows up and can be fully controlled with any form of modulation from Bitwig.

can you drop a picture?
so I can check on my side if I have the same situation

Big mistake on my part - sorry, What I meant to say was this occurs for SoundPaint not Scaler, mustn’t be awake yet. I’ll attach pictures of this for Soundpaint in case there is anyone interested, but this is a better topic for the Soundpaint forum for sure. First pic is what happens in the container when SP is loaded, second pic is the result of using Host Automation in SP where the controls now show up in the container.

I think it’s allowed to put all other people’s applications on this forum. One big reason is certainly that it is not looked down upon because Scaler often controls many different programs and Scaler needs them as well. I think it’s a healthy business idea not to delete e.g. messages where there is a product of another company. However, Scaler is still the absolute number one on the chord side. I haven’t found a better one.

Ah OK, got it
And, don’t worry about the different plugin mentioned
this forum is open, even to competitors :grinning:

about your issue, sorry, but I don’t know Soundpaint enough to help

I get white noise when my project starts, it has an instance on scaler 2 as a template. It only does it once so it doesn’t bother me but I should probably mention it.