Scaler 2.7 - Another try to drive a brass section

Hi there

I tried again he he
I always struggled in finding a way to drive brasses with Scaler and it seems to me I am close to improve
here is what I did

the routing

And the Scaler used for the brass section

Scaler per guitar.xml (24.2 KB)

After having listened some brass part I got that an alternation of very fast and less fast arpeggios, of riffs and melodies, and long notes, all found by ear, may work

Here is the brass section used

The 1st step was finding a cool series of chords, then I used them to drive Xpand!2 and Ezkeys; with the latter (and with the bass) I duplicated the part applying different patterns to have more variability

Then I found a nice pattern for the guitar in the Loop Mode

The drums part was found using the MIDI recorded in Scaler Section C

The bass was made using the same MIDI, then I duplicated it a few times applying different patterns as for EzKeys

And here the result Funk 1907

Let me know your opinion, and any insight is welcome
for example, I didn’t find a way to MIDI fade in/out in Bitwig :upside_down_face: :grin:

What are you trying to fade in and out? The whole piece, different parts? There are easy ways to do it.

the start and the end of all MIDI tracks

quite oddly :grin: I read the manual and looked at videos
but they often refer to previous releases, so they are often useless

Hum, I am starting to suspect that fading MIDI tracks is not allowed
later I’ll try a fade with an Audio track instead

It’s automated just like Live. Automate the volume of the track in clip view.

mmm, never used clips…
maybe this is why I can’t see anything

Actually Track view works to. Use the pencil tool.

I’ll try that tonight