Scaler 2.7 freezes in Mixcraft 9pro studio

Just wondered if any members of the Scaler community are running multi tracks of Scaler in Mixcraft?
I can run one track ok, two is jerky and the third freezes Mixcraft, the only way out is to shutdown mixcraft via task master. This is so frustrating especially with the latest upgrade having so many great new features.
I can run multilpe tracks of Omnisphere, Nexus, Sylenth, Reason 12 rack plugin and Massive with no problems. I’ve downloaded a demo of Reaper and it also freezes when I try to run three tracks of Scaler.
I am going to ask Scaler support if they will run Scaler in Mixcraft and see how it performs, in the meantime I would be grateful if any of you guys have any ideas to help me or that you’ve had a similar problem.

Ed from Scaler suggested that I disable open GL rendering, I did that, and I was able to run six tracks of Scaler all using different performances all running at the same time with no problem. I’m now able to use all the functions in Scaler 2.7. Thanks to Ed and all who helped.

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