Scaler 2.7 iPad version - MIDI capture and saving to a file

Do I understand the current functionality of MIDI capture on the iPad correctly? The MIDI capture function, captures and saves the MIDI data to an ‘auto-saved’ state for use in other Scalers. There is no “Drag’ function like on the Desktop version or save to an external file?

The Save button above the MIDI Capture button, is for saving Scaler chord sets.

I am capturing MIDI data to an external file by:

Using AUM
Recording Scaler MIDI data to the Atom Piano Roll 2 AuV3
Exporting the MIDI data from APR2 to an external file.

Within Cubasis 3 I realise I can record to a Cubasis Track. But I find (could be my poor skills) as I build a track with multiple Scalers that my recordings are often slightly out of sync with each other ‘due to my poor timing’. Dragging and dropping from a file is ‘more accurate’ for me.

Thanks in advance for ant comments/responses…

Think I have answered my own Cubasis 3 ‘out of sync’ question … need to use Play Quantize to chord length rather than beat?