Scaler 2.8 Crashes Cantabile

Slightly odd as I have been using Scaler in a Cantabile host for some time. Now if I attempt to do a ‘save state’ in Scaler 2.8 in Cantabile it immediately freezes the whole application.

It continues to work without problems in Live, so it’s obviously a Scaler / Cantabile incompatibility.

Reported for information only.

Is this the latest 2.8.1? Did this just start? Had it been working? I know you used Cantabile all the time just fine it seemed.

Yes, but I don’t know if it was a change of version to Cantabile or to Scaler. Both have been updated in the last few months.

It’s odd, because the timing points to Scaler 2.8.0, but it works fine in Live. This must mean that it’s an interaction between something in the latest Scaler interacting just with Cantabile in a way that the prior versions did not.

I can easily work round it, but slightly more awkward workflow.

I’ll update to 2.8.1 and see if that makes any difference.

BTW, Divisimate is really interesting to work with, but I still have a steep learning curve ahead !

UPDATE 19:29 GMT+1 : It also fails when attempting to restore a state. Both fail in 2.8.1 which I just loaded.

It looks as though something has changed in Scaler in that area, which clashes with Cantabile, but is ok with Live.

That’s too bad. I hope you can get it sorted.

This is being reported on the Cantabile forum.

As the Cantabile executable has not changed it’s some change in Scaler between 2.7.x and 2.8.0. See this mail from a ‘Laura’

45x45 Laura
July 7

Yes, I have scaler.
I to updated to 2.8 and had exactly the same issue as you described and worse.

Scaler 2.8 was a pig on resources. took a far to long to load and far to long to switch
between various modes. scaler did seize the PC up with every function I wanted to perform.
I emailed PB to inform then of this. I never heard back.
I downgraded to 2.7 and the problem was gone/fixed.

Any ideas, Scaler folk ?

Other people on the Cantabile forum have now reported this.
However, it fails with any i/o operation, so you can’t save chord sets etc. i.e. it’s not usable any more in Cantabile.

It’s almost certainly a Scaler problem as Cantabile didn’t change in the relevant time window … it’s a 2.8.0 + issue.