Scaler 2.8 Crashing Cubase 12.0.6

Hallo, working on Windows with Cubase 12.0.6. I just updated to Scaler 2.8. When I create a new instrument track in Cubase and choose scaler2 as instrument Cubase crashes. Happens for both plugins (VST2+3).
Need help.
Cheers, Peter

OK, I found the solution by myself in this forum in another thread.
I had to install the extra sounds. Which is kind of weird behaviour …
But ok. It is working now.
Cheers Peter

You also must install the extra sounds in the default location given in the installer. Otherwise it will still crash Cubase when attempting to open Scaler.

This is fixed - new installers for 2.8 available from Plugin Boutique

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I’m sorry to say it, but no, this is absolutely not fixed.

Fresh install of 2.8.2, freezes Cubase 13.0.20. Pro when (1) loading any project with Scaler, or (2) adding Scaler to any project. Freezes every single time. ONLY Scaler causes this problem.

Windows 11 Pro (fully updated)
Intel i9 CPU, 64 GB RAM
Graphics card GTX 4070, which is stable for every other usage
NVidia Studio driver 546.33 (fully updated)

Scaler has negative value for me at this point. Uninstalled.

A bit better news. Scaler VST3 is the problem; VST2 Scaler and ScalerAudio seem to work. All my other VST3 plugins work including a woefully overloaded Kontakt 7. Only Scaler 2 is the problem.

I tried various Cubase preferences, could not make your VST3s work at all–froze Cubase every single time.

As my workaround: in Cubase’s VST Plug-in Manager, I have enabled “Hide” for both “Scaler 2” and “ScalerAudio 2” (with a space = VST3) so that I don’t by accident kill my Cubase session and my recent work. So, as long as there’s no functional difference between your VST2 and VST3 plug-ins, I’m good for now.

Two suggestions: (1) Figure out what is different between your VST3 plug-ins and everyone else’s. (2) Please rename your plugins.“Scaler 2” vs “Scaler2” is no way to distinguish VST versions, especially now that Cubase 13 drop-down lists no longer indicate which is VST3 or VST2.

Now…on to the Scaler tutorials!