Scaler 2.8 does not sync with other instance in Reaper 6.81 windows

Hi, I’m a new user. I run reaper on windows 11 with a core 5th generation i5 processor. I can not get the another inistance to sync to the first. Is this Daw specific? or is anyone else experiencing this. Or does anyone know how to get it to work?

Hi @V1bzman

When I open the SYNC menu there are a number of options for syncing Scaler. Can you clarify which of the options you are trying to use, please? I have successfully sync’d two instances of Scaler for the Progression Builder (Section C) and the Live Sync, but I haven’t tried the others.

If you are trying to Live Sync it is worth remembering that once you have Live Sync’d you must always make changes in the lead instance.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I know this, but I can’t get the second instrument to sync with first to begin with. I’ve watch videos on it and have followed the instructions carefully but after selecting what I want to sync and pressing “sync”, nothing happens.

Hi, I have the latest Scaler and Reaper, on Win10. I tried a live sync from #1 (pad chords) to #2 (bass), using Section C. Eventually it worked, but it seemed rather wonky with some strange behavior.

The scaler GUIs were flickering for a while, and my Leader chords stopped working once (all 4 chords in section C were sounding the same). Sometimes the Scaler instances didn’t seem to detect each other. My first try didn’t seem to sync at all. I turned off all syncs and tried again several times, and eventually it worked.

My Leader was #1, 4 chords in section C, section C link turned on, Live Sync enabled. My Follower did eventually show the same chords in section C, and I turned on section C link.

[You can duplicate a MIDI clip for each Scaler instance, but in Reaper you don’t need to. I used a single MIDI clip for Scaler #1 track, and added a MIDI send (pre-fade/pre-fx, important) to the Scaler #2 track.]

I had done sync a while back on Cakewalk, before I switched to Reaper. I didn’t see issues, but that was a while ago.

I’m on Win 10, and use both Live and Cantabile ( a VST host), and Sync works fine without problems.

What is interesting, is that If I have a copy of Scaler running in Cantabile, and another in Live, if I turn Scaler Sync on in the Cantabile copy, the Live instance becomes a follower. The only connection between the two hosts is that DAW host is switched on in the Cantabile instance. Not clear how that works, unless the code looks beyond the ‘leader’ host and checks what other instances are running in Windows generally.

Maybe a dev can comment …

I’ve notice the sync beyond hosts has worked like that for quite sometime on the Mac. I remember Scaler seeing how many instances were open in Cubase and Live. Sync across hosts.

Correct, Scaler syncs beyond hosts. This is particularly useful if running Logic and Ableton as a leader / follower too!