Scaler 2.8

Hi all just letting you know Scaler 2.8 drops May 25th, 2023. There is a private beta testing launched here for our beta users:

It’s a great update with a huge amount of new content. Please keep all beta related conversations in the above linked thread. Looking forward to feedback and thanks to all the team involved for the hard work and inspiring composition in getting this release ready!

If you would like to join the Beta Testers group you can request access here: Beta users - Scaler Plugin - Community Forum


Great to see @davide that the iPad’s version of Scaler has also been updated so that it now works correctly in Logic for iPad…


Looks like it’s up on PIB! Enjoy, looking forward to see what everyone makes of the new content. Here’s a new video too. Thanks to all the team for the hard work on making Scaler 2.8.


great video!
thank you!

I went to Plugin Boutique to upgrade to Scaler 2.8 but only see the same Scaler 2.7 I already have. How are people getting 2.8?

I have found there is a quirk where if you log in prior to doing a version download, the dropdown shows the last version you downloaded. :roll_eyes:

If you click on the little down arrow, you will probably see 2.8 at the top of the list … select and you are good to go.

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Thanks! That worked.

I’m having an issue with 2018 iPad Pro in Logic for iPad. It won’t fully re-size so that It says instrument panel is hidden. Please resize to make it visible. I fill up the screen but the plugin doesn’t show in its entirety. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hello, I know that Renoise may be somewhat archaic, since it is a tracker, but until version 2.7 it worked wonderfully, but now with 2.8 the following screen appears. I have tried to enable/disable opengl features using ScalerSettings.exe, but still the same!!! Thank you.

Any idea?