Scaler 2.81 not saving settings on iOS

I can’t imagine a reason for there to be a settings panel if they’re not saved, but maybe I’m missing something.


  • Fire up Scaler via AUM or standalone
  • Change some settings, like the theme or font
  • Save AUM session or quit Scaler standalone
  • Reload and settings will have reverted to defaults

I also can’t see an option to explicitly save settings, so I assume they’re supposed to save automatically.

Hi @triff and welcome to the forum.

We don’t notice any problems with the Standalone behavior like you have mentioned though I can confirm that there is an issue with the settings recall when running in third party apps. This has been lodged with the dev team and will hopefully be resolved soon.

Could you please confirm that you are on the latest version of Scaler 2 iOS? That’s always a good place to start and it might help resolve your issue with the standalone version. Current version is 2.8.1

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