Scaler 2.9 Now Available on iPad

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that Scaler 2.9 for iPad is now available on the App Store with a 30% off In App Purchase sale.


Hi there

Does the iPad version have audio detection?




Great update!
But I noticed one thing that bothers me and maybe you could change it:

If I tap a chord that is to the right of the first 8 suggestions and tap the chord at the bottom of the pattern for comparison, the suggestions always jump back to the first 8 and I have to scroll to the right again to test more chords to the right of the last one.

Yes indeed. Now with the improved audio detection too! Works much better.

Yeah it is a slightly annoying but kind of expected. Thanks for reporting it to us and we will take a look!

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Looks like a live stream coming up for Scaler 2.9 iPad from How to App.

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Hi David, great news.
I have it and it’s working well.
But there’s something I can’t figure out why it’s happening.
When I chose a scale and want to look at its chords in part B, I only have access to the Variations and not in the Voicings.
No matter what I do I only can see the Variations chords.
I don’t know anymore what to do?
Can you help me?

That’s strange this is what I see. Is that not what you see?

No, I don’t see this.
I see like this:

Can’t you just click on the voicings tab?

That’s the absurd, the mystery.
The Voicings tab is gray, not available. So, when I click it, nothing happens.
I can change the scale, turn off / turn on Scaler, it doesn’t matter, same behavior.
Only Variations is available.
I know it’s strange, but I don’t know what to do, except maybe uninstall it and install again.

What do you think?

Delete the entire app, reboot your iPad and reinstall. Extremely strange indeed, if it still appears after all that please let us know what iPad and iOS you are using.

Done. Delete all, reboot, and reinstall.
Everything is fixed and working well.
Do you have a clue what was that?

My iPad specs:

IPad Pro 12.9 pol 2 generation

IOS 17.5.1 (21F90)