Scaler 2.9 - Thank You

Just updated to 2.9 - great work guys - and thank you!


Thank you and thank you to all the beta testers that contributed to making a solid and stable release. Thanks to the many that worked hard on Scaler 2.9 and a special thank you to Remi, @jchdejong @Bas and all the content creators and in house contributors. Looking forward to what is coming next!


Any info on when it’s gonna be available for iPad? Particularly interested in having Passages also there :smiling_face:

Hi guys. Is this a free update for Scaler 2 owners? How do I update? Thanks

I ended just now jamming very happily and with no issues at all
2 thumbs up for devs!

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Just go in your PB account and it should be there

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Hi Davide.

Just wondering if the Scaler course will be updated with new learning material? Thanks

Devs on it and very close. Expect it next week or week after tops.

Yes absolutely. SOS are producing that now! Week or two tops.


What are tops?
These guys?
:grin: :rofl:
topo imbranato

Just installed 2.9 in place of 2.81, and it randomly crashes. I have never had scaler crash previous to this version, on this same PC. I am running it on ableton 9, 64 bit as a VST. I may end up going back to 2.81. Not much more in 2.9 anyway. I hope they have a fix for it.
I have been using 2 for just over a year, it is a useful tool. I have tried the tutorials but have not figured out much of how to get things to work more streamlined. I get things done in my own less efficient manner. I have yet to get sync to work. Perhaps using the VST in ableton 9 is a limiting factor for features to work. I see that others have similar questions as I do, and feature ideas that would make it even easier to use. It needs some features when editing chords. Like a copy/paste chord feature. Or a buffer area to save chords that I might go back to. Some features I would have a hard time explaining what I mean.

Hello, I am not able to update scaler 2.9. I have downloaded the file from the plug in boutique website but I don’t know what I have to do with it.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it. thanks greetings

Welcome to the forum.
You just run the installer file the same as when you installed 2.8. It will overwrite 2.8.
You didn’t mention your computer or OS. Make sure you downloaded the proper file for your OS.

Loving the update so far, but disappointed to see there’s still no CAF support. That would be so handy, as so many music loops in Logic Pro are in the CAF format.

Any chance it will come in a future update?