Scaler 2 - Adjust humanize amounts…

The humanize feature is great, but it would be better if you could adjust the amount, perhaps as a percentage, of timing and velocity. I often find the timing to be adjusted more than I would like…


I was just about to post the exact same thing again and found your post. :wink:

I wrote this feature request already in 2021, but so far there was no enhancement.

Better control of Humanize settings is sorely needed in scaler. It’s too simplistic and not really a solution as it is now. It’s a pity.

But this also applies to strumming etc., which also only has a few fixed values for the tempo.

Fixed values depended on the track tempo are very important to have. But is a pity that it’s limited to it. Sometimes you want a setting that is *** not *** exactly fitting the tempo.

It would be important for these settings to be easy to adjust. So please not somewhere deep in the settings. I would prefer a separate popup/overlay where you can adjust everything very quickly and easily.


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Strumming, arp and humanisation will get an overhaul in '24. This is an important advancement on Scaler for me. Thanks for feedback.


Great news! Looking forward to future developments…