Scaler 2: an advanced humanize function would be great

The timing and velocity humanizing is better than in Scaler 1, but still too simple.

The amount of velocity spread I want is very depended on the instrument or samples I use.
The amount of note delay I want is depended on the song tempo and also on the instrument.
Sometimes I want to to be tight, but with just that not all notes sound the same. Sometimes I bit more sloppy is great. It depends a lot on the used attack from the instrument too.

More control about humanizing would be great in Scaler 2, because I not always get the result I want. I would like to have more control about it and maybe save them as presets so I can switch quickly between different humanize functions. I would set one up for sloppy piano chords, one for tight piano chords, and so forth

I think it’s pretty great how it works in chordz, have a look at the second picture


Push. I feel the lack of humanisation control is really limiting the usefulness of Scaler. I can’t use Scaler to perform this way. I can only use to to find chords.

This is only version 2.1. I think the future holds big promise for Scaler. To say you can’t use it as is seems a bit ridiculous really. Nothing is preventing you from using the humanize functions built into the DAW.
I can only imagine what v. 3 of Scaler might look like. In the mean time, I’m going to make some music.

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Stay with us. We have some big plans for 2.2!


Sounds great, davide! This plugin has such a huge potential!

@ jamieh, I said I can’t use Scaler to perform, I need to edit it afterward manually like you said, I did not say I can’t use it. I use Scaler almost in every session. I love it.