Scaler 2 and Band in a Box

There has been several threads about Scaler 2 with Band in a Box but since I didn’t own BIAB until yesterday :scream: I haven’t paid attention.
What are the lastest findings regarding getting chords from Scaler 2 into BIAB?
And yes, I tried to search the forum could not find any recent observation.
BTW, I am on Mac if that makes a difference…

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No one using Scaler with BIAB? :scream_cat:

I am afraid the news is not good. Fact is BIAB does not play well with other apps. Some minor level of success can be achieve with copy/paste but it is limited and is hit or miss. Best you can do is save the midi as a file from Scaler than import into BIAB and see what you get. Wish I had better news for you.


Oh! :scream: Very disappointing!
I got the impression without actually reading the posts that it worked really well!
Should have paid attention when this was discussed…

agreed, BIAB is not so good with input from others. but i use it by recreating the song layout (significant chord changes for example) and find a style close enough, then generate solos - sax, guitar, as well as other instruments. then include those in my DAW projects. sometimes the MIDI imported can be OK, but i like to let the Real Tracks processor try out a number of attempts to solo over the changes, and often is better than i could have done (consider a lot of the RT material are from professional studio musicians). but it take some time to set up, different “players”, and re-generation time to get a good “performance”.

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