Scaler 2 and Launchpad Pro - Component Thread Followup Query

Some time ago, there was a thread posted by someone who was able to create a custom Component for the Launchpad Pro that’s to integrate with Scaler 2. Thread is here:

It has been posted about two years ago, and I’m wondering if anyone else is able to get it to work with their LP. I have installed the Component on my LP, but I wasn’t sure about what the XML file is for and how best to use it, plus I could use some guidance on any instructions on how to use it. It’s potentially useful, so putting it out there.

Thanks much!


The XML file is for loading into Scaler itself. It defines the matching Scaler configuration to properly receive the messages from and respond to the pads.

So, one file to configure the hardware, one file to configure the software (Scaler). That’s it!

velanche, i don’t have an answer, but i recognize your name. did you used to be on the acid jazz mail list? i’m pretty sure i know your last name as well.

anyway, good to see you around these parts.

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Greets! Ah yes, the acid jazz list sure was pure gold, wasn’t it? Good music, enlightening convo and enthusiastic vibe. Thanks for dropping a line! Guess I should probably try and make music instead of just playing other people’s music, which I still do.

The only other person I kept up with on the list, and him me, is Rocky Rococo, who lives in the Bay Area of California still.

Hope you are well and good, and hope you are using Scaler 2 in the way that suits ya.

I visited T-Bird out in Spain a few years ago. I’m sure you remember him too. :slight_smile:

Cool! Yep, another name from the past. Not a bad place to relocate to…good on him! Sounds like good times there for ya.