SCALER 2 and MPE Implementation

I know this has been requested for a while.Is there any way to use MPE data and pass it through from say Roli Seaboard through SCALER into Roli software.
How are folks working around this limitation ?

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in Ableton I wasnt able to get any MPE data through. In bitwig it does…but acts unpredictably.
Some MPE data is passed through however it happens intermittently. So if my finger is on the bottom of the slider, all notes get the bottom slide info , but as i slide up, some notes get the higher info but others remain in the bottom. If i undulate my finder sometime i can get more notes to trigger using the top part of the slider

Hey @arman We have MPE implementation on the roadmap and will get there but just requires more time as it is not top of our list. In terms of how it behaves we don’t have an MPE device in our studio so can’t do any tests but if it is CC it should be passing through well.
Anyone able to chime in here?