SCALER 2 and MPE Implementation

I know this has been requested for a while.Is there any way to use MPE data and pass it through from say Roli Seaboard through SCALER into Roli software.
How are folks working around this limitation ?

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in Ableton I wasnt able to get any MPE data through. In bitwig it does…but acts unpredictably.
Some MPE data is passed through however it happens intermittently. So if my finger is on the bottom of the slider, all notes get the bottom slide info , but as i slide up, some notes get the higher info but others remain in the bottom. If i undulate my finder sometime i can get more notes to trigger using the top part of the slider

Hey @arman We have MPE implementation on the roadmap and will get there but just requires more time as it is not top of our list. In terms of how it behaves we don’t have an MPE device in our studio so can’t do any tests but if it is CC it should be passing through well.
Anyone able to chime in here?

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I’m really interested in some MPE support. Currently, I’m looking at the single MPE feature in Chordjam (trial version) that does pitchbends from one chord to the next. It sounds great, but unfortuantely the implementation doesn’t let you record the MIDI for the pitch bend. Their MPE “bend” doesn’t require an MPE controller. However, I’d prefer to avoid buying the plugin for just this one feature. Patiently waiting for Scaler to knock my socks off with MPE support.

I too am waiting on this MPE implementation. Would really like to see it become a higher priority.

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+1, also been wishing for MPE support for some time

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Where is MPE support currently in the roadmap?

I have a LinnStrument and could test / beta test this if it helps.

Maybe making Scaler 2 MPE compatible doesn’t need to be that difficult.
If I understand it right it could work roughly like this:

  • You need a dedicated option to toggle MPE mode on / off, as having it on will result in different MIDI output
  • If it’s on, you need to “respect” the incoming MIDI channels, as each played note will be assigned to a new MIDI channel (2-15). So if an input note in Channel 2 will result in Scaler outputing a MIDI note, it also needs to be on Channel 2. You also need to forward all MIDI CC and Channel Pressure in the same channel (the per-note modulations). Most notably this is Timbre (CC74), per-channel pitchbend and aftertouch.
  • You need to forward everything in Channel 1, as it contains the global modulation that affect all notes, e.g. Modwheel / Expression Pedal.

Currently it doesn’t work with MPE because the channels are not kept intact and some modulations like pressure are not passed through.

Thanks for that @Fannon We had planned for it later this year ('24) but maybe your post may help us have a look at it for 2.9 due Q1 24. Let me chat with DEVS. I do think the issue was a little more complex.

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Thanks @davide ! I understand if it turns out more complicated. Depending on your “voice management” probably?

I appreciate it that you bring it up with your devs!

@davide I have a Roli Seaboard Rise 2 and would also be interested in MPE support, and would offer my help.

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Any news on MPE?
I want to bring Scaler out again, but I need to use it on my MPE instruments.

Hey @Lazurits MPE Support coming Q4, 24. Hoping to make up for lost time with a thought out implementation.


Very nice! That will make Scaler 2 much more usable for me, too!

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Just curious - will this be a 2.x.x release or is this part of your Scaler 3 plans?

Well without divulging anything with an official announcement on the horizon it is part of our Q4 24 plans!

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