Scaler 2 Apple M1 compatibility ETA

Hi, When is the the update for Scaler Control compatibility with Apple M1 expected? I am dead in the water with my projects.


Hi @tripedal

we are working on it but don’t have an exact ETA.

In the meantime, you can use the AU instrument version and drag the midi to your track. You could also use a third party host allowing you to load VSTs and route the midi to other synth/plugins.

Thanks for your patience,

Thanks for the reply… Will there be a new release when the compatibility is resolved?


A point update, 2.3 due soon so it will be a free update. This depends on a few factors as all third party MIDI FX’s not playing well with M1 Big Sur atm

Is there a way get the beta version? Scaler 2.2 is not working with Big Sur and Logic :frowning: so it would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Scaler 2.2 is already compatible with Big Sur and M1.
Only Logic Pro prevents you from using the MIDI-FX version. This is a Logic Pro issue, not Scaler.

You can use ScalerControl 2.2 in LUNA as a MIDI-FX on a M1 machine with Big Sur.